worst baseball “brawl” in recorded history


sexson is ridiculous for charging the mound over a pitch that went over the plate, didn’t come close to hitting him. 

there are some great lines by the commentators in here though….

around 2:23 “if gabbard was going to hit someone he would hit one of their good hitters.  not richie sexon.  you got a chance to hit ibanez.  you got a chance to hit beltre.  two good hitters. you got a guy coming out there that can’t hit water if he fell out of a boat.  you think he’s going to hit him?” hahaha

around 3:14 “that pitch wasn’t even close.  that pitch is a foot away from him! that is a gutless, six foot seven, .200 hitting, formerly good player.  what a joke.”

around 4:30 “if that pitch was two feet lower it would’ve been a strike.”

around 5:00 “i think when richie sexson sees the replay of that pitch he’ll be embarrassed. and he’s gotta be embarrassed for running at the pitcher and throwing a helmet at him.  if you’re going to fight, fight.  but throw a helmet at a guy???”



  1. My favorite part was Milton Bradley pickin’ up the catcher and lecturing him on controlling his temper…and the announcer’s right, richie sexson isn’t good enough for someone to bean.

  2. I wouldn’t say worst brawl because no punches were thrown. He did throw his helmet but over all it was pretty calm.

  3. evan evan evan…my friend…i didn’t mean worst ever as in the best fighting…i meant worst as in the sissiest lil tiff i’ve ever seen…a 6’7″ giant charges the mound and there was no action…just a helmet tossing….and not even a helmet toss to the face….a helmet toss at the back of a man that’s hurled over protecing himself hahaha

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